Life Groups at CLC Bend

The New Testament tells us that as followers of Jesus Christ we all are ministers of Hope! Part of maturity as followers of Christ is not only learning and absorbing truth but is also having the blessing and ability to share hope and truth with others. There are many ways to connect and to serve the Lord and the Body of Christ. We need you! We also ask you to pray about areas where you can be involved and areas where you can be a blessing and serve.

There is something for everyone here at CLC.

Children’s Ministry

Children’s Ministry Our children are precious to us. We also know they are precious to the Lord as well. With the help of our committed volunteers, we provide a safe environment where [...]

Live Youth Ministry

  Live Youth Ministry LIVE is a vibrant ministry designed to minister to those between 6th and 12th grade. We would love to meet you and have you join us for our main youth service every [...]

Young Adult’s Ministry

  Young Adult’s Ministry College/Career age ministry reaches out to men and women 18-30 years of age, who endeavor to go deeper in their walk with the Lord.  This is a group of young [...]

Life Groups

  Life Groups Our most important relationship is the one we share with Jesus! Second, we need healthy relationships with one another. Third, we want to foster relationships with those who [...]

Men’s Ministry

  Men’s Ministry The typical man is most likely to spend Sunday’s watching football, playing golf or, on the rare occasion, completing unfinished chores around the house than attending [...]

Women’s Ministry

  Women’s Ministry Life is never meant to be lived alone. Inside each of us is a longing for connection to something – someone greater than we are. We believe we know what that missing [...]

Fifty Plus Ministry

  Sixty Plus Ministry “Sixty Plus” is a ministry designed to reach out to those 60 years and older. Our mature adults encompass a strategic part of what happens in the ministry of our [...]