Our Mission

We believe that God has specifically called and uniquely gifted us as a church to become a place where 4 things consistently take place. We are a place of healing, growing, equipping and serving. Let us explain what we mean.

1. Heal

Love, Acceptance, and Forgiveness. We desire to see healing for broken relationships in: Souls, Individuals, Families, and most of all with the Lord. Our Ministries are each designed to create an environment that allows the Lord’s healing for those with hurting hearts. CLC Family has been called to be an instrument of healing extended to all we come into contact with.

2. Grow

Our Church will nurture spiritual maturity through discipleship as a primary tool. We will adapt and use targeted small group programs to accomplish this goal. Discipleship may come in many forms but each of our programs is designed to stimulate growth for our maturity an walk in our relationship with the Lord.

3. Equip

Our Church will be a place to equip the Saints for ministry. Along with biblical teaching, we will plan and purpose to help people discover and recognize the areas of giftedness that God has given them. This will come through study and hand-on experience through the application of Biblical patterns in their lives.

4. Service

Our Church will be a place that allows and releases service, all Christians are called to have a servant’s heart, but we also believe that service entails the use of our talents, gifts, and callings in ministry to the Body Of Christ and for fulfilling the Great Commission to “GO INTO ALL THE WORLD AND PREACH.” We purpose to assist and enable each individual believer as they fulfill their personal life mission to the world. This will be realized as individuals step out and release their gifting.